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Acting Head Teacher

Mrs Caroline Bufton

Year 5 & 6

Mrs Charlotte Whitley

Mrs Rosa Ellis


Year  4 & 5

Mrs Beth Williams


Year 2 & 3

Miss Lynne Hughes


Rec & Year 1

Mrs Trudy Morris


Support Assistants

Ms Joanne Howarth

Miss Jade Griffiths

Miss Stacey Huffer

Mrs Yuko Allen

Miss Alison Hughes

Mrs Sarah Shackleton

Mrs Louise Box

Mrs Lisa Cadwallader

Mrs Danielle McQue

Mrs Lisa Sheehy

Miss Cath Powell

Mr Callum Turberfield 


Specialist Centre

Mrs Hannah Hill - KS2

Mrs Heather Kelly – KS2 Support


Little Stars Pre-School

Mrs Alicia Pelling

Miss Anna Davies


Support Staff

Mrs Linda Rowe - Administrator

Mrs Wendy Davies - School Cleaner

Mrs Louise Davies - School Cleaner

Mrs Donna Love - School Cleaner

Mrs Denise Evans - Head Cook

Mrs Elizabeth Owen - Assistant Cook

Mrs Julie Webster -Assistant Cook

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